You will get these 10 benefits by doing yoga

Introduction to Yoga

 A few minutes of yoga should be done throughout the day, by doing this the fatigue of the whole day goes away, every person feels a relaxation. Yoga frees the body from stress and harmful substances.

10 Benefits of doing Yoga (YOGA KARNE SE HONGE APK YE 10 FAYDE) :-

To do active physical, dementia of yoga. Today this man is doing work.

Everywhere yoga is a exercise in the response of all parts of the body. ️ By which you will exercise a special limb

It is better to be healthy. Stay healthy, fit and strong with yoga. By doing yoga, you can remain young even in old age and a different glow remains on your skin.

Yoga is fine. By the yoga of the thin people, the yogasana made the weak a power force. Yoga routine to stay healthy.

Exercising employees must do regular exercise in order to exercise. Due to which all the stress of the body gets removed and a good deep sleep comes. How to live well and be healthy is also important.

Yoga is completely composed of Pranayama and Dhyana Yogasan. There is a revolution on the speed of breathing through Pranayama. ️ Respiration Respiration ️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️❤️ exercise is increased. Due to which the cells of the body start getting more amount of oxygen. Such a person is a doctor.

There is one game worth paying attention to in yoga. It is also very much under control. . Feeling stressed out. ️ MEDITATION

Bad is welcome from badasan and so is it. People who have diabetes should do yoga, it is very beneficial for them.

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What is the right time to do yoga?

A good time to do yoga is before the sun rises. If you cannot do yoga at sunrise, then you can do it at sunset. If you can fix time for yoga in the routine of the day, then it will be very good for you. Whenever you do yoga, do it by laying some kind of night or rug. You can do yoga anywhere like at home or in an open park.

Tips or tricks for starting yoga

Do yoga with patience and perseverance. If there is less flexibility in the body, then at the beginning of yoga, you may have some difficulty in doing asanas. If you are not able to do well in the easy start then don't worry about it. All the easy ones get easier as you do it again. Joints and muscles that are less stretched will gradually become flexible.

Do not force or hurry with your body while doing yoga.

At the beginning of doing yoga, now do the same asana which you are able to do easily. Keep in mind these things that while doing yoga, your breathing should be normal.

While doing yoga, rest for a few seconds between 2 asanas. You should decide on your own according to the need of your body, for how long you have to rest for the seeds of 2 asanas. 
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What precautions should be taken for good yoga practice?

It is said that women should not practice yoga during menstruation. But you can estimate according to your physical ability or whether yoga suits you during menstruation or not.

Yogasanas should be done even during pregnancy, but it would be better to do it under the supervision of a yoga guru.

Children below 10 years should not be given difficult postures. They should do yoga only under the supervision of a yoga guru. Food and drink should be taken on time.
Keep in mind that you have to take full care of your body. Get enough sleep, the body needs a lot of nutritious food and rest along with exercise. So sleep on time.


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